A Force of Hope - Lisa Gillam & Hope Force International

By: Beck Ewing

April 2018 - Cover Story

The experience was surreal. Wearing a face mask and goggles, Lisa Gillam stepped into the formerly-flooded house. In Texas with a disaster relief team from Hope Force International, she was helping clean out houses in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. For many of the volunteers, the sight of a flood-ravaged home was new, but for [...]

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Feature Article

International School Project

By: Noelle Gebel

April 2018 - Feature Article

Who influences every socio-economic, cultural, and religious segment of every community in every society? What is the largest group of trained professionals in the world?
Alexander Solzhenitsyn, recipient of the Nobel peace prize in 1970, said, “The truth is, we must not begin with school children, but teachers; the cream of the nation. They are [...]

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