Bob Hostetler - Love drives his writing

By: Lori Hatcher

October 2015 - Cover Story

Long ago an agent sought to pin Bob Hostetler to a genre, a specialty, a focus. But this writer of some 38 books that range in subject from apologetics, to poetry, to Bible study, to counseling, to historical fiction just laughed. “I love God, and I love writing. If I had to write and speak [...]

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Feature Article

Putting the key to literacy into hands, small and large

By: Rachel Haynie

October 2015 - Community

Trying harder is futile. Determination to stick with a stalled reading or writing effort only adds to the levels of frustration experienced worldwide by millions of young learners struggling with the kind of language processing difficulties now commonly associated with dyslexia.
Frustration frequently gives way to loss of motivation, and not being able to keep up [...]

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