From Mission Field to Missions Force

By: Anna Wilson

January 2018 - Cover Story

There’s a little village in western Zambia whose only roads are made of sand. Every morning Lemmy wheels himself through the sand and starts on a new road. He pushes his wheelchair from hut to hut and knocks on each door to speak with the families inside. He explains the gospel and asks to pray in every household.
He’s gone down [...]

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Feature Article

Volunteering: Matters of the Heart

By: Lisa Cole

January 2018 - Feature Article

Capitalism and selfishness drive modern narrative. Exchanging time for personal gain eclipses the old-fashioned “Love Thy Neighbor” refrain. Work matters rank above connecting with those around us, and turning the other cheek erodes into turning a blind eye.
The instinct to protect our own heart often flares, and love leaves us vulnerable as a babe in [...]

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