Todd Starnes – Southern-Fried Stories for a Faith-Hungry America

By: Lori Hatcher

November 2018 - Cover Story

hen FOX news commentator Todd Starnes walks through his Brooklyn, New York, neighborhood, people part like the Red Sea before Moses. And no wonder. They don’t know what to make of this pork-eating, NRA-supporting, teetotalling, 21st-century amalgamation of Paul Harvey, Erma Bombeck, and Lewis Grizzard.
Born in Memphis, Tennessee, the stocky, brown-haired Starnes accepted Christ at [...]

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Feature Article

The REAL First Thanksgiving

By: Rev. Kay Mortimer

November 2018 - Feature Article

When you think of the first Thanksgiving, do you envision pilgrims and Indians in November of 1621?  Do you imagine them sharing corn and fowl on makeshift tables after their first harvest in the New Land?
But did “Thanksgiving” really start in America? Or did the first feast happen thousands of years ago and continue for [...]

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