Philip Yancey: The Question Man

By: Dawn González

April 2014 - Cover Story

With a writing career that spans almost 40 years, Philip Yancey has sold more than 15 million books worldwide, making him one of the best-selling evangelical Christian authors. He’s penned numerous award-winning books, including two winners of the Evangelical Christian Publisher Association (ECPA) Book of the Year Award. He’s made a career of delving into [...]

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Feature Article

Why We Can Teach the Bible With Confidence

By: Dr. Terry Powell

April 2014 - Everyday Life

(Adapted from the book Serve Strong: Biblical Encouragement to Sustain God’s Servants)
As a Bible study leader or group facilitator, do you ever lament your lack of formal training or feel inadequate when you compare your abilities to those of other teachers? As a speaker, have you ever listened to a silver-tongued orator or preacher and [...]

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