Momma Rabbit’s Nibbles & Sips - They’re Allen This Together

By: Jean Wilund

May 2017 - Cover Story

It’s not surprising that a restaurant named Momma Rabbit’s would be owned and run by eight siblings.
What is surprising is that the oldest owner is only 28, and the youngest is 14. Not only are these young siblings running a business while many are still juggling homework, they’re doing it so well regulars line [...]

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Feature Article

Keep Circling

By: Sherry Thrift Bradshaw

May 2017 - Feature Article

Life took an unexpected turn for our family on Saturday night, January 14, when I received a call from Cassidy, our son Brewer’s fiancé. Brewer, a Clemson University graduate, had been living in the upstate for the past several years and working in the family business.
“Mrs. Bradshaw,” Cassidy said, panic making her voice tremble, “There’s something wrong [...]

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