A Mind to Go Home: A Congregation Healed by Friendship & Faith

By: Lisa Cole

December 2018 - Cover Story

Comfort, nourishment, and belonging—elements that bind people to a physical location are foundations of our notions of home. But if a familiar place is lost, can we ever truly return? What does it mean to go home?
This is the question Wesley United Methodist Church in downtown Columbia wrestled with after 2015’s “Thousand Year Flood” exacerbated [...]

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Feature Article

The Gift of Bread at Christmas

By: Karen Whiting

December 2018 - Feature Article

I grew up making bread with family, especially with my grandma who owned a restaurant. She usually doubled her recipes to make multiple loaves. One day I asked, “Grandma why do you always make at least two loaves of bread?”
She smiled, “Two loaves are always better. Then we have one to give to someone who [...]

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