Our Christmas traditions: are they fact or myth?

By: Mike Turner

December 2017 - Cover Story

It’s almost Christmas, and at my house we’ve unpacked the boxes in the attic full of special decorations we only use this time of year.
My wife and I have loads of stuff. The Christmas tree decorations are my particular favorites — everything from the first bauble we bought as a newly married couple over 30 [...]

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Feature Article

The Value of One

By: Meredith Mills

December 2017 - Feature Article

My mind reeled with confusion and anger. Relentless tears streamed down my face. It was all I could do to suppress the guttural wail rising from deep inside me.
My husband and I were on a mission trip in Bangkok, Thailand, working with The Christian Prison Ministry Foundation (CPMF). The scope of their influence is [...]

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