The Climb: Art Studio for the Soul – And More

By: Deena Bouknight

June 2017 - Cover Story

The name, The Climb, doesn’t denote a stairway to heaven, a faith journey, or even Psalm 121’s “Song of Ascent.” The name of this unique art studio/office/library/meeting and fellowship space at 1622 Bull Street in downtown Columbia has nothing at all to do with spirituality or Christianity. As founder and owner Henry Foster quips, the [...]

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Feature Article

From Back Wall to Silver Screen - Torry Martin

By: Lori Hatcher

June 2017 - Feature Article

It’s not often I meet movie stars, but when I do, I don’t find them leaning against the back wall of a crowded room making small talk with nobodies. Most movie stars surround themselves with cameras, microphones, and spotlights—and shiny people like themselves—movers and shakers in the film and television industry.
But not Torry Martin.
A prolific [...]

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