Flooded with Hope

By: Deena C. Bouknight

October 2016 - Cover Story

In early August, Cynthia Pierce stood among the mountains of rubble that had once been her home. The piles of brick and boards were all that was left of the house where, for 27 years, she and her husband, Earl, had raised their children and welcomed their grandchildren.
White bricks mingled with caked mud and [...]

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Feature Article

5 Misconceptions about Christians and Voting

By: Mark Hendrick

October 2016 - Feature Article

Since the time of Christ believers have struggled with the question of how to be true to their faith while serving as responsible citizens. Should Christians vote? Should they run for office? Should they avoid the political process altogether?
The current political climate has disturbed more voters than it has delighted, and the complexities of the [...]

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