Well, MercyMe!

By: Jean Wilund

September 2019 - Cover Story

If not for the lack of wood, MercyMe may never have cranked out twenty-three #1 singles or be headed to Columbia’s Colonial Life Arena on October 18 with Crowder and Micah Tyler for their “Imagine Nation Tour.”
Twenty-five years ago, guitarist and college freshman Mike Scheuchzer needed to create something—anything—for a class assignment. He decided [...]

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Feature Article

My Husband Gave Me 30 Days

By: Sheryl H. Boldt

September 2019 - Feature Article

For years, I’d been praying for God to intervene in my marriage. Six years ago, on Easter Sunday, I prayed even more earnestly for God to give our marriage new life. I got up from my prayer time and knew without a doubt that God had heard my prayer. What happened the next day, however, [...]

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