Is the Church Turning a Blind Eye toward the Visually Impaired?

By: Tracy Spittle

March 2018 - Cover Story

Beep. Beep. Beep. There goes the alarm clock. I snuggle deeper into the covers, putting off the moment I know is coming, but it’s inevitable. Ready or not, it’s time to get up.
Then I remember that today is Sunday, and my husband, Thom, and I are planning to visit a new church this morning. Flinging the [...]

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Feature Article

Driver’s Training: Life Tips from a Sight-Impaired Driver

By: Karen Wingate

March 2018 - Feature Article

I accepted long ago that my daughter would never drive.
Born with a genetic eye defect that spans three generations, Christine achieved so much in her early life that those outside our family circle hardly think of her as visually impaired until she mentions the need for a ride to a Bible study or church event. As she considered [...]

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