Christianity and Sports - Perfect Mix or Perfect Storm? (part 1)

By: Jean Wilund

October 2017 - Cover Story

The high school quarterback knelt to pray with his teammates before the game. As he walked onto the field, he offered up his own silent prayer. “Lord, help me honor you in all I say and do.” Ten minutes into the game, he hurled the football in one direction and then slammed to the ground [...]

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Feature Article

Teen Challenge - Breaking the Chains of Addiction

By: Beck Ewing

October 2017 - Feature Article

Kori crumpled over the edge of her treadmill, emotionally exhausted from fighting. She called her Teen Challenge counselor, “If you don’t pick me up now, I’m going to get high.” After hanging up, Kori unloaded all her pain to the Lord: the abuse, the betrayals, the abandonments, the neglect. “Lord if you can heal me, [...]

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