Hello-This is Birthright of Columbia

By: Jean Wilund

January 2017 - Cover Story

The phone rang in the little house at 1405 Gregg Street in downtown Columbia. Hank Chardos prayed as he reached for the phone and an opportunity to change a life. Maybe even save a life.
“Hello. This is Birthright of Columbia. How can I help you?”
A young female almost whispered into the phone. “What does your [...]

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Feature Article

Mama Mantras

By: Amy Petersen

January 2017 - Feature Article

Last month I shared four mama mantras (things I say on repeat mode) to develop lasting relationships with my boys. Today I’d like to share four more sayings designed to train and teach them to be strong, direct, godly men who stand up and face life with confidence. I pray they’ll help you as you [...]

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