Leap of faith provides hope for heroes

By: Kevin Boozer

November 2014 - Cover Story

Sergeant Joe Merritt saw the buck, but his hands shook too much to confidently squeeze off a shot. A retired Marine and National Guardsman, Merritt had suffered multiple traumatic brain injuries during his service in Iraq and walked with a cane at the time.
Before Merritt could lower his rifle in frustration, however, strong hands clasped his, steadying [...]

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Feature Article

Mentoring Christian students to lead

By: Frank Hoecke and Morgan Hamby

November 2014 - Community

On June 6, 1944, in the town of Normandy, American soldiers stormed the beaches of France, joined multi-lateral forces, promoted patriotism, and honored their fellow soldiers to secure the blessings of freedom. Seventy years later, in the town of Ridgeway, ten students joined a multi-generational community, promoted patriotism, and honored World War II veterans through [...]

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