The Reason Behind the Ringing

By: Deena C. Bouknight

December 2016 - Cover Story

Salvation Army bell ringers have become synonymous with the holiday retail rush. Customers flow in and out of stores all over the city while the volunteers brave crowds and inclement weather. Some consumers throw a few dollars into the red kettles, some share Christmas greetings, and others hurl belligerent insults. Few stop to consider what’s [...]

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Feature Article

Six Ways to Celebrate a More Meaningful Christmas

By: Lael Arrington

December 2016 - Reflections

Merry Christmas!
What a joy it is this season to celebrate Jesus Christ, the Author of meaning, Creator of beauty, and Heart of love who came for us in human flesh so long ago. The more we lean into this, the more joy will fill our daily moments and special events. To help you fully celebrate [...]

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