The Peaceful Wife - April Cassidy

By: Anna Wilson

May 2018 - Cover Story

April met her husband when she was 15 years old at a concert in Columbia. She and her identical twin sister kept hearing two guys talking in the row behind them.
“Are they twins?”
“Do you think they’re twins?”
“You ask them.”
“No, you ask them.”
Eventually one was brave enough to ask, and April met her future husband, Greg. [...]

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Feature Article

Forget perfect – Navigating a blended family, Christian style

By: Jessica Brodie

May 2018 - Feature Article

When I married my husband, my expectations were sky-high. I gained two bonus children in addition to my two biological, catapulting us into that strange and wildly misunderstood reality called a “blended family.”
While it’s a beautiful journey, one I wouldn’t trade for anything, it’s had rocky moments along the way – sometimes painful, sometimes magical, [...]

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