300 Dinners

June 2016 - Cover Story
by Jean Wilund

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June 2016 - Cover Story

If you want to have a friend, be a friend.

If you want to have lots of friends, start a dinner club.

Gary and Carmen Roberson spent years moving around, compliments of corporate America. Building a new life in a different location time after time can be wearisome. To ease their moves, they developed a three-step system:

Step #1: Buy a house.

Step #2: Find a good church.

Step #3: Start a dinner club.

Their final move in 1986 landed them in Columbia. While Gary settled into his new position with a software company, Carmen organized their home. Step one completed—buy a house. Check.

Next they looked for a church home. They found a good fit and immediately plugged into Sunday school and the men’s and women’s ministries. Step two accomplished—find a good church. Check.

Lastly, they began to pray and consider which ten couples they should ask to join them in a dinner club. With ten couples, they reasoned, even if only half the club was able to come each month, the dinner would still be an enjoyable size. With their list in hand, Carmen made the calls.

“We’re putting together a dinner club,” she said. “Would you be interested?”

Ten invitations went out. Ten yes’s came in. Step three—start a dinner club. Check.

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