4 Characteristics of Biblical Fatherhood

June 2018 - Feature Article
by Will Honeycutt

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June 2018 - Feature Article

Lest you fear that what’s about to follow is an unattainable, self-defeating list of impossible characteristics no human father can possess, let’s begin with this statement: Fathers are imperfect men raising imperfect children in an imperfect world. All fathers sin, mess up, and serve as poor examples at times. With great self-awareness and careful application of biblical principles, however, fathers can protect, provide, correct and guide their children into healthy adulthood.

Let’s take a look at four characteristics of biblicalfatherhood:

A father protects.

A child should feel protected by his or her father, both in the home and from the forces outside it. A good father, though, is also a man who knows the potential he has to abuse, abandon, neglect and ignore his children because of his own sin nature. A good father is a man of self-awareness who submits to God so he can resist these tendencies in himself and keep his children safe.

An un-protected son will seek to protect himself, either from his father, from outside bullies, or both. He feels alone and afraid and will put up walls and a tough outer shell that can take a lifetime to penetrate. Unprotected children are often the ones who join gangs seeking the protection they didn’t receive from their fathers.

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