4 Keys to Rescuing Easter

March 2017 - Feature Article
by Mike Turner

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March 2017 - Feature Article

An old preacher line states an uncomfortable truth in a humorous way. At the end of the Easter service, the preacher says to the congregation, “Let me wish you a Merry Christmas, since I won’t see many of you again until then.”

Christmas and Easter are the bookends of what many people think of as their religious duties. Going to church on these two occasions—even in our secular culture—is still somewhat expected. Or, to say it another way, when aging parents ask their children or grandchildren to attend church with them at Easter or Christmas, they experience less resistance than at other times. At least this is how I’ve seen the situation as a pastor observing the lives of those on the periphery of the local church. People being what they are, it’s probably not going to change.

There is, however, another aspect of Easter/Christmas worship patterns that affects many congregations much more directly. It’s the tension that exists between Easter and Christmas in terms of church priorities. Startlingly, in a growing number of churches, Christmas is a larger celebration than Easter, even though Easter celebrates a much more important event.

Churches today really need to look at how we can rescue Easter, not from the unbelieving culture around us, but from our own practices.

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