A Force of Hope - Lisa Gillam & Hope Force International

April 2018 - Cover Story
by Beck Ewing

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April 2018 - Cover Story

The experience was surreal. Wearing a face mask and goggles, Lisa Gillam stepped into the formerly-flooded house. In Texas with a disaster relief team from Hope Force International, she was helping clean out houses in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. For many of the volunteers, the sight of a flood-ravaged home was new, but for Lisa, it was all too familiar.

She watched the owner, a middle-aged, female Chinese immigrant, step carefully through the wreckage as volunteers ripped up her floors and walls. That’s her life we’re dealing with. As Lisa’s eyes took in the building that had once been a home, her own experienced flashed before her eyes.

Flood Warning, the phone blared.

In the middle of the night on October 3, 2015, Lisa’s husband Cameron, a former fire battalion chief, watched the water creep toward their Irmo home, not knowing that South Carolinians would later name this storm The Thousand-Year Flood.

Having just spent their savings account to completely renovate their home, the Gillams didn’t realize their investment was in imminent danger. During past rains, water had only risen to their dock and flower bed. But when the water rose past these markers to their bird bath, Cameron became alarmed. He awakened Lisa.

Even as the sun rose, revealing the water climbing each step to their house, Cameron and Lisa found it hard to believe their house would flood.

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