A Heart for Nicaragua

March 2011 - Focus
by John Smoak

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March 2011 - Focus

Imagine a huge field with hundreds of one-room shacks made mostly from sticks and scraps of tin and plastic. Imagine families with two, three, four and more children all living in such places, even sleeping on the muddy ground. Imagine being surrounded by these children, some of whom haven’t eaten for days, can’t attend school because they can’t afford a uniform, and seem trapped in this life of poverty. This is the scene of the barrio in Nicaragua where I lost my heart to these children and their families.

A 12-year-old girl named Catherine asks me, “Mr. John, will you buy me some shoes for school and some food for my family?” A 13-year-old boy named Angel tells me that for the past two weeks, he and his three sisters and mother have had nothing but rice to eat. Anna, who is 12, and her mother break down in tears when I offer to buy her two notebooks, a uniform, and a pair of shoes so she can go to school.
Why should I care so much about these children? Despite the many answers I could give to this question, there is really only one that matters.

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