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Summer 2010 - Reflections
by Kevin Boozer

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Summer 2010 - Reflections

Ask any father and most will agree that you cannot be ready ahead of time for the job. That was especially true for a man named Wayne, for whom fatherhood came 13 weeks early – and with a very big surprise. Twins! In 1978, before ultrasound, the boysʼ heartbeats were so in sync that the doctors believed Wayneʼs wife, Alice, was having a normal, single pregnancy. But the amusement of friends and family turned serious as doctors worked to keep the twins alive.

During that touch-and-go period, Wayne and Alice drew closer to God and to each other. Wayneʼs faith had been lukewarm since his adolescence – a time when he quit attending church altogether. But when their pastor arrived, scrubbed up, and used sterile water to baptize each son, Wayneʼs faith in Christ reignited. That day, alone in one of the hospitalʼs conference rooms, the new father prayed, placing his trust in the Lord no matter what the future held for him and his family.

An accountant at a Columbia construction company, Wayne joined his wife at Richland Memorial Hospital each day after work, except one – the day the family gathered around the tiny coffin of the oldest twin, nine-day-old Patrick. He had developed intestinal gangrene and had died of a staph infection. His death shook everyoneʼs faith, including Wayneʼs. Patrick was the bigger twin with fully-developed lungs and a healthy heart, so odds of his survival were more favorable than his brotherʼs.

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