Andrea Haddock and Lighthouse

March 2016 - Feature Article
by Lori Hatcher with Andrea Haddock

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March 2016 - Feature Article

Imagine landing in a world where nothing is familiar. You can’t understand or speak the language. You can’t read signs, labels, or menus. Friends and family are thousands of miles away, and everything familiar is gone.

This is what members of the United States military face when they get orders to serve in a foreign country. Alternating between fear and excitement, deployed personnel experience a wide range of emotions as they adapt to life in a foreign country. Once their initial emotions wear off, they struggle to cope with the daily stresses of living in a vastly different culture.

When Jessica Spradley, a fresh-faced 19 year-old, arrived in Yokosuka, Japan, her family worried about their young sailor. Living 7,000 miles and 14 time zones away made communication difficult. What if she gets sick or hurt? Will she be homesick? How will she get connected with other believers?

Her grandmother, Katie Spradley, shared her concerns with a friend. This friend realized the base where Jessica was assigned was near a ministry called The Lighthouse, where her friend Andrea Haddock had recently joined the ministry staff. She put Katie in touch with Andrea, and three days after Jessica arrived in Japan, Andrea and the Lighthouse team welcomed her with food and fellowship.

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