Gardens and Glass

April 2008 - Reflections
by Margie Johnson

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The minute I heard, “You can’t grow a beautiful garden without turning up the soil,” I had a quick flashback to a summer garden long ago. My husband and I ambitiously claimed a 20 by 50 plot along our back fence and with visions of seed catalogs dancing in our heads, we began the garden. It started noisily with the shiny, lime-green tiller growling and chugging as it uprooted years of carefully-tended grass. Round one went well. We ended our day by rescuing worms that had successfully dodged tiller teeth. Then, we tossed out the largest patches of uprooted centipede. The next afternoon, we tilled deeper to further loosen the soil so our vegetable roots might grow deep and strong. And that is where we found the broken glass…

Why did Christ die for you?

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