Backward Giving

April 2011 - Reflections
by Lori Hatcher

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April 2011 - Reflections

It was the only time I saw my daughter cry during our family mission trip to Mexico. Our assignment that day was to visit one of the poorest families in the church. Marta was a single mom and the sole provider for her five children and her mother. Until a missions team from the U.S. built a tiny cinderblock house for them, all seven of the family had lived in a one-room shack made of thick corrugated cardboard walls and a tin roof.

When we arrived, all five of the children met us by the side of the dirt road where they had been waiting for hours. They were neatly dressed in their Sunday clothes. Pati, the youngest child and only girl, had braided her shiny dark hair and tied it with two ribbons. After the introductions were made, each child shyly approached us with gifts. Pati presented her gift to my youngest daughter. She handed her a carefully washed piece of fruit neatly wrapped in a napkin. Knowing that these children had very little to eat, my daughter looked at me with wide eyes.
“Mom!” she whispered, “I can’t take this! What if it’s all they have?”
“Take it,” I encouraged her. “They care more about giving it to you than keeping it for themselves.”

Why did Christ die for you?

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