Behind the Face Paint

May 2011 - Profile
by Lori Hatcher

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May 2011 - Profile

Dee Dee Parker loves clowning around. Literally. Unlike other pastors and missionaries who put on their Sunday best to address their congregations, Dee Dee’s outfit of choice often includes a curly wig, size-15 shoes, and white face paint. She is a Christian clown.

Dee Dee didn’t grow up wanting to be a clown. Married to a Southern Baptist youth and music minister, she was content behind the scenes, helping her husband, Jim. She remembers brainstorming with him about a youth ministry trip to Myrtle Beach in which they’d visit all the campgrounds and invite people to attend vacation Bible school. While figuring out the best way to promote the school, Jim proposed an idea. “We’ll have a parade! We’ll go through the campgrounds with balloons and music and, I know, we can have a clown lead the parade and give out the invitations!”

Dee Dee responded enthusiastically, “Honey, that’s a great idea! Who will be the clown?”

“Well,” he paused, “you!”

The rest, she says with a shake of her head, was all “a God thing.” Less than excited about the prospect of being a clown, she told Jim she would consider it “if I can find a way to get some training.” But secretly she was thinking, “What are the chances of that in this small..

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