Time is treasure

January 2010 - Here's How
by Roy King

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January 2010 - Here's How

Time is your most valuable resource. You can only spend it once. You can invest it, waste it, or give it away; but you cannot keep it. It cannot be preserved or shelved for later use. It is a constantly running faucet with no cut-off valve. It is never still. We cannot freeze it, can it, or bottle it. We can only choose where to focus ourselves as we move along in its current.

Time is nontransferable. We would like to give some of it to a young child dying with cancer. We would give some to an aging parent or spouse to keep them with us longer. But we can only spend it by being present with others. You cannot give your time to others but you can share yourself with others.

How time is spent determines the value of your life. The breadth and depth of your relationships with others is directly correlated to time spent with them. Giving some of your time to listen, care, or serve another person may be valued in various ways. Afterward, you may move on to other gifts of your time, considering it simply the right thing to do. But the person receiving your gift may well see it as a treasure or critical turning point.

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