Building God’s Temple, One Morsel at a Time

June 2011 - Profile
by Deena C. Bouknight

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June 2011 - Profile

Tall and slender, Leré Robinson is earnest and passionate when she talks about the bodies God gave us and our responsibility to care for them. With her South African accent and model-like looks, she exudes authority and compassion as she educates the Midlands about the importance of good nutrition.

“Everything I do lines up with God’s Word,” says Robinson, a nutritional coach who moved to Columbia more than three years ago with her husband, Eddie, and their three daughters. It was Eddie’s full-time ministry that brought them to the United States. But it’s healthy nutrition that Leré Robinson claims to be her personal ministry, which she now conducts through her Irmo-based company, Alive Again! She speaks, consults, coaches, and provides e-mail education. Clients register for newsletters that include recipes and healthy-living tips. Robinson works with individuals to organize and manage their grocery shopping, pantries, and recipes. Her reputation for combining Christian beliefs and a healthy lifestyle has spread quickly.

Robinson insists that it’s impossible to lose weight and allow our bodies to heal without seriously addressing lifestyle and diet. “I love talking to folks about food,” she says enthusiastically. “Of course, first and foremost, I love Jesus Christ.

Why did Christ die for you?

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