Apologetics Archive

4 Keys to Rescuing Easter

March 2017 - Feature Article - By Mike Turner

Why We Can Teach the Bible With Confidence

April 2014 - Everyday Life - By Dr. Terry Powell

Dr. Ted Baehr: A Culture Warrior

December 2013 - Profile - By Dawn González

Can a Christian Believe in Evolution?

May 2012 - Focus - By Daniel Janosik

Your Kingdom Come (third in a five-part series on the Lord’s Prayer)

April 2012 - Round Table - By Tim Hanley

Is America a Christian nation? Was It Ever?

January 2010 - Focus - By Rosanne McDowell

What does Josh McDowell think?

January 2010 - Cover Story - By Sue Duffy

Why did Christ die for you?   www.whyhedied.org

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