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A Mind to Go Home: A Congregation Healed by Friendship & Faith

December 2018 - Cover Story - By Lisa Cole

The REAL First Thanksgiving

November 2018 - Feature Article - By Rev. Kay Mortimer

Ask a Mom: Six Moms with Cookies and Hope

October 2018 - Cover Story - By Jean Wilund

Danny Nicholson: Helping Children Find a Home

June 2018 - Cover Story - By Julia Bell

Forget perfect – Navigating a blended family, Christian style

May 2018 - Feature Article - By Jessica Brodie

The Peaceful Wife - April Cassidy

May 2018 - Cover Story - By Anna Wilson

International School Project

April 2018 - Feature Article - By Noelle Gebel

A Force of Hope - Lisa Gillam & Hope Force International

April 2018 - Cover Story - By Beck Ewing

Driver’s Training: Life Tips from a Sight-Impaired Driver

March 2018 - Feature Article - By Karen Wingate

Volunteering: Matters of the Heart

January 2018 - Feature Article - By Lisa Cole

From Mission Field to Missions Force

January 2018 - Cover Story - By Anna Wilson

The Value of One

December 2017 - Feature Article - By Meredith Mills

Our Christmas traditions: are they fact or myth?

December 2017 - Cover Story - By Mike Turner

WRAP SessionsSpiritual Exercises for a Stronger Faith

November 2017 - Feature Article - By Ginger Cox

Teen Challenge - Breaking the Chains of Addiction

October 2017 - Feature Article - By Beck Ewing

Love Your Older Neighbor

September 2017 - Feature Article - By Kim Jackson

Church Massacre Teaches Forgiveness to the Holy City

September 2017 - Cover Story - By Deena Bouknight

From Back Wall to Silver Screen - Torry Martin

June 2017 - Feature Article - By Lori Hatcher

Momma Rabbit’s Nibbles & Sips - They’re Allen This Together

May 2017 - Cover Story - By Jean Wilund

Keep Circling

May 2017 - Feature Article - By Sherry Thrift Bradshaw

Dan and Esther Dennis: When Things Go Better Than Planned

April 2017 - Feature Article - By Dawn González

Kim Williams - Mentor with Mojo to Midlands Athletes

April 2017 - Cover Story - By Lael Arrington

South Carolina Prayer Breakfast-Praying Without Ceasing

March 2017 - Cover Story - By Deena C. Bouknight

Mama Mantras

January 2017 - Feature Article - By Amy Petersen

Hello-This is Birthright of Columbia

January 2017 - Cover Story - By Jean Wilund

Why did Christ die for you?

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