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Living Words—the Gideons

September 2018 - Feature Article - By Anna Wilson

A Force of Hope - Lisa Gillam & Hope Force International

April 2018 - Cover Story - By Beck Ewing

Is the Church Turning a Blind Eye toward the Visually Impaired?

March 2018 - Cover Story - By Tracy Spittle

From Mission Field to Missions Force

January 2018 - Cover Story - By Anna Wilson

The Value of One

December 2017 - Feature Article - By Meredith Mills

WRAP SessionsSpiritual Exercises for a Stronger Faith

November 2017 - Feature Article - By Ginger Cox

Ministering to the Military in Our Midst

November 2017 - Cover Story - By Pam Anderson

Church Massacre Teaches Forgiveness to the Holy City

September 2017 - Cover Story - By Deena Bouknight

Dan and Esther Dennis: When Things Go Better Than Planned

April 2017 - Feature Article - By Dawn González

Hello-This is Birthright of Columbia

January 2017 - Cover Story - By Jean Wilund

The Reason Behind the Ringing

December 2016 - Cover Story - By Deena C. Bouknight

It’s Not Just About Dance

September 2016 - Feature Article - By Jean Wilund

Whispering Willows

September 2016 - Cover Story - By Lori Hatcher with Bob and Grace Prichard

The nations are here

May 2016 - Community - By Rachel Hust

Waves of mercy

May 2016 - Cover Story - By Sarah Strickland

Mary Kent Hearon - Loving South Carolina one heart at a time

April 2016 - Profile - By Deena C. Bouknight

Andrea Haddock and Lighthouse

March 2016 - Feature Article - By Lori Hatcher with Andrea Haddock

Victory Ranch

March 2016 - Cover Story - By Lori Hatcher with Brian Hutchens

Providence Home, where Jesus makes all things new

September 2015 - Feature Article - By Will Honeycutt

Sally Lloyd- Jones - Never judge a story in the middle

September 2015 - Cover Story - By Lori Hatcher

Hector & Laurie Pineda: So that’s what evangelism looks like

May 2015 - Community - By Dawn Gonzalez

Eau Claire Cooperative Health Centers: meeting physical and spiritual needs

May 2015 - Cover Story - By Deena C. Bouknight

Christian Communicators: Raising speakers for Christ, 30 women at a time

March 2015 - Community - By Cynthia Owens

Leap of faith provides hope for heroes

November 2014 - Cover Story - By Kevin Boozer

Teaching – a career and a ministry

October 2014 - Cover Story - By Linda Williamson

Why did Christ die for you?

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