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Driver’s Training: Life Tips from a Sight-Impaired Driver

March 2018 - Feature Article - By Karen Wingate

Volunteering: Matters of the Heart

January 2018 - Feature Article - By Lisa Cole

Our Christmas traditions: are they fact or myth?

December 2017 - Cover Story - By Mike Turner

Christianity and Sports - Perfect Mix or Perfect Storm? (part 1)

October 2017 - Cover Story - By Jean Wilund

Love Your Older Neighbor

September 2017 - Feature Article - By Kim Jackson

From Back Wall to Silver Screen - Torry Martin

June 2017 - Feature Article - By Lori Hatcher

4 Keys to Rescuing Easter

March 2017 - Feature Article - By Mike Turner

South Carolina Prayer Breakfast-Praying Without Ceasing

March 2017 - Cover Story - By Deena C. Bouknight

Mama Mantras

January 2017 - Feature Article - By Amy Petersen

5 Misconceptions about Christians and Voting

October 2016 - Feature Article - By Mark Hendrick

Whispering Willows

September 2016 - Cover Story - By Lori Hatcher with Bob and Grace Prichard

The puzzle path of grief

June 2016 - Feature Article - By Marilyn Nutter

300 Dinners

June 2016 - Cover Story - By Jean Wilund

Camp Greystone — still standing strong for Christ

April 2016 - Feature Article - By Deena C. Bouknight

Mary Kent Hearon - Loving South Carolina one heart at a time

April 2016 - Profile - By Deena C. Bouknight

Kirkland Smith: Turning messes into masterpieces

January 2016 - Cover Story - By Dawn Gonzalez

don’t say D-I-E-T

June 2015 - Community - By Kim Andrysczyk

Christian Communicators: Raising speakers for Christ, 30 women at a time

March 2015 - Community - By Cynthia Owens

More than “just the furniture” - a visit with Joe and Gladys Grimaud

January 2015 - Cover Story - By Jean Wilund

Driving to Win

December 2014 - Profile - By Deena C. Bouknight

Samkon Gado: Doing the “impossible”

A Cup of Tea Does the Heart Good

September 2014 - Community - By Lori Hatcher

Sue Duffy– the final chapter is still being written

September 2014 - Cover Story - By Lori Hatcher

Bully, Bullied, or Bystander— Which Are You?

March 2014 - Contemporary Issues - By Will Honeycutt (a.k.a. Doc H)

“It’s Not Rocket Science” - An Interview with Dr. Kevin Leman

March 2014 - Cover Story - By Lori Hatcher

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