Christian Communicators: Raising speakers for Christ, 30 women at a time

March 2015 - Community
by Cynthia Owens

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March 2015 - Community

Vonda Skelton and Carolyn Knefely have trained 112 women so far. These women have come from across the United States and one foreign country. They are artists, writers, grandmothers, doctors, stay-at-home moms, and pastor’s wives. They are different and yet the same—they are women who sense a calling from God, and they want to speak for him.

It was Vonda who first felt the need for Christian Communicators (CC), a group that educates, validates, and launches women in their speaking ministries. Her frequent speaking engagements on marriage and faith had connected her to women across the country. “Through the years, a number had contacted me about mentoring them in speaking,” she says. “I knew I couldn’t give them what they deserved as a mentor, but then God brought Carolyn and me together.”
Their partnership developed in a roundabout way. Six years before starting CC, Vonda and Carolyn met at a writing conference in North Texas. Carolyn lived in the area, and Vonda was a visiting presenter. “I was impressed with Vonda’s knowledge and professionalism,” Carolyn recalls, “but we didn’t stay in contact.”
Three years later, Carolyn and her husband, Helmut, a retired engineer, moved to Simpsonville, South Carolina, to be closer to family. “God led me to this area and to my first Greenville writer’s conference,” she says.

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