Christianity and Sports - Perfect Mix or Perfect Storm? (part 1)

October 2017 - Cover Story
by Jean Wilund

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October 2017 - Cover Story

The high school quarterback knelt to pray with his teammates before the game. As he walked onto the field, he offered up his own silent prayer. “Lord, help me honor you in all I say and do.” Ten minutes into the game, he hurled the football in one direction and then slammed to the ground in a twisted heap. The menacing linebacker stood over him and smirked. Whistles blew, tempers flared, and emotions triumphed over convictions. The quarterback’s coach spewed non-family-friendly outrage at the refs for not flagging the play. Parents and fans blasted toxic accusations at both the ref and the linebacker. And the quarterback exchanged his silent prayer for a vow of vengeance.

Welcome to the world of sports, where even the best of intentions get knocked to the side the moment competition heats up. Can Christianity and sports mix, or will one spoil the other? How can Christian athletes and coaches maintain their testimonies while competing at the highest level? Must they water down their will to win? And should parents remove the Christian fish from the back of their car before entering the stadium?

Every week sports teams bow their heads in prayer, say “Amen,” and storm the field of play to destroy their opponent.

Why did Christ die for you?

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