Christmas Gatherings - Sharing Food, Fellowship, and Faith

December 2012 - Here's How
by Paul Gebel

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December 2012 - Here's How

“Is this the right place?”

I looked up from my conversation to see who was asking. Doing a double-take, I realized who had just joined the growing crowd in our living room. It was Bill.

Bill (not his real name), the lab tech who lived a few doors down, who played in a rock band that practiced in his house seemingly every night, and who had more piercings than a roomful of adolescent girls, was now in our home, arm-in-arm with “Sharon,” his live-in girlfriend. They were the people I most wanted to see this evening, and the ones I least expected. “I wonder what God is going to do,” I thought as I headed over to shake his hand.

It was December 2009, in a setting familiar to my wife Noelle and me. Bill and Sharon, like many over the years, had gathered in our home at Christmastime. During our annual Christmas Gatherings, neighbors meet neighbors, eat good food, and hear a clear explanation of how to know God personally through Jesus Christ.
Christmas is a great time to tell others about Jesus. We’ve found that even people who normally turn a disinterested ear to the gospel message are willing to talk about Christ at Christmas.

Why did Christ die for you?

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