Driver’s Training: Life Tips from a Sight-Impaired Driver

March 2018 - Feature Article
by Karen Wingate

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March 2018 - Feature Article

I accepted long ago that my daughter would never drive.

Born with a genetic eye defect that spans three generations, Christine achieved so much in her early life that those outside our family circle hardly think of her as visually impaired until she mentions the need for a ride to a Bible study or church event. As she considered college and career plans, we discussed how she’d need to seek employment and housing along bus lines or within walking distance of wherever she needed to go. To our relief, she managed well, complaining about her non-driving status only when she wanted to buy bigger purchases or visit with friends during evening hours.

Then a doctor adjusted her lens refection and suggested the possibility of a limited driver’s license. Two years later, after weekly driving lessons and multiple attempts at the driving test, at the age of 27, Christine proudly displayed her new license on Facebook Messenger. Her
dad could hardly wait to guide her through the purchase of her first car. Her mom cried happy tears.

Three months later I went for a visit. Harnessed with the same eye defect, I’ve never driven either. This was to be my first time sitting in the passenger’s seat while my daughter drove. Any nervousness dissolved within the first block.

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