Driving to Win

December 2014 - Profile
by Deena C. Bouknight

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December 2014 - Profile

Jordan Anderson is full speed ahead almost all the time. He is a professional race car driver—an expert at navigating scary turns and avoiding perilous obstacles. Yet earlier this year, a series of phone calls almost stopped this Forest Acres native in his tracks.

A Need for Speed - Every boy and girl has a dream, but Jordan Anderson’s dream came true. He remembers riding around Columbia as a four-year-old in the backseat of his mother’s car and announcing: “I’m going to be race car driver when I grow up.”

“To my mom, it was probably like telling her I wanted to be a cowboy or a space man,” he says.

Like a typical boy, he had a collection of die cast cars and model racetracks, but no one in Anderson’s family—no friends even—were involved in the racing industry. Yet Jordan believes the Lord intervened and placed him on the fast track into the motorsports world.

The son of Forest Acres natives Clif and Sherry Anderson, Jordan committed his life to Christ at age six. The following year, he attended his first go kart race. There he met a national champion driver who invited him to come out to the track where they were practicing and test one of his go karts.

Why did Christ die for you?   www.whyhedied.org

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