Editor’s Letter

May 2012 - Editor's Letter
by Lori Hatcher

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May 2012 - Editor's Letter

For a long time, motherhood held no appeal to me.

Growing up in the ‘70s didn’t help. Listening to Helen Reddy sing “I Am Woman,” eagerly embracing the Women’s Liberation movement, and calculating the earliest date I could run for presidential office, I assumed I was destined for greater things.

As a selfish teenager, I remember noticing that my mom wore the same winter coat year after year. Inevitably either I or one of my sisters had outgrown last year’s coat and needed a new one, so when the time came to shop, Mom unselfishly put us first. I instinctively knew moms were supposed to sacrifice and decided if motherhood meant doing without, I never wanted to be a mom.

Even after I became a believer and began to glimpse the high calling of motherhood, I had serious doubts about my own ability to be a good mother. As a teenager, I had hated babysitting, had no desire to hold others’ children, and would rather clean bathrooms than serve in the church nursery. I feared I was without natural affection.

When I became pregnant with our first daughter, I gathered up enough courage to ask a seasoned mother of five the question that haunted my nights and nipped at the edges of my days. “What if I don’t love my child?”

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