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January 2013 - Editor
by Lori Hatcher

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January 2013 - Editor

One of the most amazing aspects of my job as the editor of Reach Out, Columbia magazine is getting to interview people who have made an impact on our world. Some are well known—musicians, preachers, and statesmen. Others, not so much—janitors, Sunday school teachers, and food pantry workers. Each one inspires and challenges me in some way.

Interviewing Dr. Gary Chapman, marriage expert and author of more than 20 books including The Five Love Languages, gave me hope for the future of marriage. At a time when biblical marriages blunder about like puppies in a minefield, it’s easy to lose perspective. Statistics say young marriages have the highest chance of dissolving within the first seven years, and seasoned marriages that have weathered career building, child rearing, and empty nests come crashing down with almost equal frequency. As I look around my circle of friends—most of whom have been married longer than they were single—it’s easy to wonder who’s next.

I look at my own 28-year marriage and realize that it’s come full circle. We were babies, barely 22 and 20, when we married in late 1984. Moving into a tiny mobile home with windows that didn’t close completely, we transitioned from our honeymoon at Disney World to the coldest temperature in Columbia’s history: 1 degree above zero.

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