Editor’s Letter

March 2013 - Editor's Letter
by Lori Hatcher

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March 2013 - Editor's Letter

Bait- and-switch. You know the technique. A company or salesperson promises one thing and, after you’ve signed on the dotted line, substitutes an inferior product. When I was ten years old, I fell victim to a bait-and-switch scam. I saw an ad for Sea Monkeys in the back of a children’s magazine. “Wonders of the Sea!” “Fascinating to Watch,” and “Hatch Before Your Very Eyes!” were some of the phrases I read. I had to have a family of Sea Monkeys.

When I received them, I carefully followed the instructions. The result was microscopic reconstituted shrimp eggs so small I needed a magnifying glass to see them. They bore no resemblance to the monkeys shown in the ad. I was the victim of a Bait-and-switch scheme.

The Jews of Jesus’ day felt that they were victims of a bait-and-switch scheme. Two thousand years of prophecy had promised a Messiah, and it appeared he had come at last. The initial reports sounded promising. Heals Hundreds! Raises Man from the Dead, and Feeds 5,000!

At long last, the promised deliverer had come. Thousands welcomed their soon-to-be conquering King with shouts of “Hosanna! Hosanna!”

Five days later the same voices who hailed Christ as their long-awaited deliverer were raising their voices again – this time with shouts of “Crucify him! Crucify him!”

Why did Christ die for you?   www.whyhedied.org

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