Editor’s Letter

November 2013 - Editor's Letter
by Lori Hatcher

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November 2013 - Editor's Letter

They’re different. Military families, that is. I live near Fort Jackson, one of the largest basic training facilities in the country. In addition to processing thousands of recruits a year, it’s also home to the chaplaincy school. For 28 years I’ve been lulled to sleep by the sound of machine gun fire in the distance. I’m so used to it that the only time I take notice is when a houseguest turns to me with widened eyes and asks, “Was that GUNFIRE?”

What I’ve never gotten used to, though, are the military families who live, work, and worship in my community. Without exception, they are the most engaged and involved temporary residents I’ve ever met.

They are initiators. They don’t wait to be asked; they jump right in. They are energetic go-getters who are quick to extend a hand in greeting, invite a new friend over for coffee, or volunteer to help. They realize their time here is limited, and they may be transferred with very little notice. They don’t have time to sit around. There are too many opportunities they might miss if they are passive.

There’s a lesson cloaked in the earth-toned camouflage these brave folks wear. As Christians, we’re here on temporary assignment, too. And we could be transferred with little or no notice.

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