Editor’s Letter

December 2013 - Editor's Letter
by Lori Hatcher

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December 2013 - Editor's Letter

My daughter’s freshman year of college was especially memorable. As part of her major, she took a women’s studies class. She learned that in many impoverished countries, women don’t name their babies until the child reaches her first birthday. Because of the high infant mortality rate, over 50 percent of children die before they are one year old. Tragically, the women think not naming their babies will make their deaths less painful. Local cemeteries are full of tiny graves that simply say Baby.

My daughter’s eyes shone with tears as she related the heartbreaking tale. “The babies die of malnourishment. Their mothers have to work so hard to provide for their families that they can only nurse them a few times a day.”

That year, I discovered the Samaritan’s Purse Gift Catalog. The catalog lists gifts you can buy to help someone in a war-torn or impoverished nation. One of the pages featured a beautiful brown-skinned, almond-eyed mother with a tiny baby strapped to her back. The accompanying paragraph read, “Mothers in southeastern Ethiopia carry their hungry babies for miles across dry, dusty plains to reach the Samaritan’s Purse feeding center. Though many of the children arrive near death, most are healthy enough to return home after a few weeks of nourishing food.

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