Editor’s Letter

March 2014 - Editor's Letter
by Lori Hatcher

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March 2014 - Editor's Letter

Thomas Jefferson loved France. Kind friends, concerned that he might become depressed after his wife, Martha, died in childbirth, encouraged him to visit in 1784. He enjoyed the fashion, music, and theater, but he loved the climate and countryside best.

After a visit to Aix, in the south of France, he wrote, “I am now in the land of corn, wine, oil, and sunshine. What more can a man ask of heaven?” With an average temperature of 41 in January and 72 in July, the mild climate of Aix suited the transplanted Virginian quite nicely.

“If I should happen to die in Paris,” he wrote in a letter to his private secretary, “I would beg of you to send me here, and have me exposed to the sun. I am sure it will bring me to life again.”
I identify with Jefferson. When the sky turns grey and icy air drives me to long hot showers and short cold walks, I hunker down. My solar powered self envies the bears and the bees, snug in their hibernation and the snowbirds snug in their motorhomes.

But oh, how I come alive when the sun shines and the temperatures rise. The sun makes everything right again.

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