Editor’s Letter

October 2014 - Editor's Letter
by Lori Hatcher

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October 2014 - Editor's Letter


I hate waiting more than almost anything. I suspect you feel the same.

When I was five and all my friends were wiggling loose teeth or sporting gappy grins, my baby teeth remained hopelessly firm despite my eager tugging. “Just wait,” my mother would say, “they’ll fall out before you know it.”

When I was seven, I asked for a big-tired, banana-seated, lavender two-wheeled bike with streamers. “You’ll have to wait for your birthday,” my dad said, and I sighed with impatience. Three months seemed like an eternity.

As I grew older, I waited some more, yet got no better at it. I waited to turn 15 so I could learn to drive. I waited for the cute boy in English class to ask me out. I waited for the college acceptance letter, the results from my national boards, and my wedding day. I waited an interminable nine months for our daughter to be born, an even longer 4 months for her colic to end, and three and a half years for her to finally sleep through the night.

This issue of Reach Out, Columbia features three articles huddled around the theme of waiting. Our cover piece tells Don Sarazen’s story. A Richland County School District One elementary teacher, Don served 21 years before he received national recognition for his innovative and effective approach to teaching fifth grade math.

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