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November 2014 - Editor's Letter
by Lori Hatcher

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November 2014 - Editor's Letter

I like to describe my childhood as Norman Rockwell meets My Big Fat Greek Wedding—with a Portuguese/Italian twist. And some Southern fatback thrown in to season the melting pot. My hometown of Bristol, Rhode Island has an Italian bakery on every corner. You can buy Portuguese chourico and sweet bread at the Azorian butcher shop. Public schools offer Portuguese as a foreign language. I remember sitting at the kitchen table listening to my grandmother read letters from distant cousins in “the Old Country.”

My granny and her siblings studied hard to obtain their American citizenship, and they eagerly embraced their new homeland’s language and customs. “You live in America, you speak English!” I once heard my grandmother scold a Portuguese friend.

Thanksgiving was very much American style. Remember the Norman Rockwell painting “Freedom from Want,” where the apron-clad grandmother places the Thanksgiving turkey on a table set with a snowy white tablecloth, fine china, and silver? That was us. We eagerly embraced the tradition and formality of the holiday.

The menu never changed, nor did the guest list. Everything, from the appetizer (an antipasto tray with baby gherkins and black olives), to the main course (turkey), to the desserts (pumpkin and apple pie), to the late afternoon birthday celebration for Cousin Carol, was identical from year to year, and we loved it.

Then we moved to the South.

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