Editor’s Letter

December 2014 - Editor's Letter
by Lori Hatcher

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December 2014 - Editor's Letter

Christmas has gotten a lot more complicated since I was a kid. Part of the simplicity of childhood, I suppose, was because I was the recipient of the gift giving, cooking, and decorating, not the one doing all the work. Another part, however, goes beyond the physical labor of the season and takes a spiritual jump into the whys and hows of the holiday.

Although I knew as a child that Christmas was Jesus’ birthday, the glitz and glamor of the season greatly overshadowed this very important fact. When I became a Christian at age 18 and began to understand and experience Christmas in all its fullness, it became both increasingly wonderful and increasingly complicated. Add a few children to the mix and suddenly, my husband and I were asking questions that had never occurred to us before.

What place should Santa Claus have in the Christmas celebration? Does gift giving model God’s love for us, or is it a distraction from the spirituality of the season? Should we read the Christmas story (Luke 2) before we open gifts, after we open gifts, or not at all? Are Christmas trees wrong because of their dubious history that includes ancient Egyptian and Chinese pagan rituals or right because Martin Luther supposedly hung lighted candles on an evergreen tree in 16th century Germany?

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