Editor’s Letter

June 2015 - Editor's Letter
by Lori Hatcher

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June 2015 - Editor's Letter

Sometimes the world’s problems seem very big, and I feel very small.

I hear of gruesome beheadings of Christians. I see children die in gang-related crossfire. I hear of babies who perish at the hands of abortionists. I see a generation of young people turning its back on biblical truth and moral conservancy.

And I think, I am only one person. What can I do?

In October of 1943, Adolf Hitler ordered the arrest and deportation of some 7,800 Jewish citizens from the country of Denmark. The courageous Danish resistance movement, along with a great number of ordinary citizens, undertook an unprecedented rescue attempt.

In an era long before cell phones, text messages, and emails, the Danes warned their Jewish countrymen of the impending roundup. Some even resorted to paging through local phone books and calling everyone with a Jewish-sounding name.

And despite grave risk of personal danger and arrest, they didn’t stop with warnings. Many citizens hid Jews in their homes until a rescue plan was in place and then spirited their countrymen to the Danish coast. Once the Jews arrived, hundreds of fishermen, using commercial and private boats, ferried them across the Oresund Strait to the neighboring country of Sweden, which had offered them asylum.

Why did Christ die for you?   www.whyhedied.org

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