Editor’s Letter

September 2015 - Editor's Letter
by Lori Hatcher

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September 2015 - Editor's Letter

Being a magazine editor has made me rich.

Anyone who knows me knows it’s true. Those who don’t know me will have to look a little closer to see my wealth. You’ll have to look past my 16-year-old Toyota van. You’ll need to bypass my modest little house in a neighborhood that’s seen better days. Don’t talk to my banker, either, because he’s convinced I must be storing my treasure in the backyard, because it sure isn’t sitting in his bank vault.

To see my wealth you’ll have to talk to me. Sit in Sunday school with me at my husband’s little church in Shandon. Open God’s Word with me during a Bible study. Invite me to speak to your women’s ministry event. Or simply open the pages of Reach Out, Columbia magazine. Every beautiful page flaunts my wealth.

By now you’ve probably figured out that the riches I’ve gained as the editor of this fine publication haven’t padded my bank account or enabled me to buy fancy clothes and expensive jewelry. The wealth I’ve acquired during the almost four years I’ve served as editor is intangible, yet infinitely valuable. It consists of the spiritual wisdom writers, teachers, preachers, and lay people have shared with me through the articles that have appeared on these pages.

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