Editor’s Letter

November 2015 - Editor's Letter
by Lori Hatcher

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November 2015 - Editor's Letter

Three of the first words conscientious parents teach their children are “please” and “thank you.” More than just good manners, these three little words are foundational to a polite society.

When we say please, we transform a command into a request—unless, of course, you’re my third grade teacher. When Mrs. Cavanaugh said, “Please be quiet and take your seats,” it wasn’t a request. It was an order. Generally speaking, however, please reminds us that we are making a request.

When someone honors our request, the proper response is to say, “Thank you.” Mrs. Cavanaugh never said thank you, but my mom taught me to. Under her gentle tutelage, I learned to acknowledge gifts, courtesies, and compliments with gratitude.

As our world becomes more consumer-oriented, genuine expressions of thanks become rarer. I’m as guilty as the next person. I don’t always thank my husband for taking out the trash, replacing the ratty windshield wiper on my car, or working hard to provide for our family. Sometimes I complain about poor service in a store or restaurant, but seldom say anything more than a cursory, “Thank you,” to my waitress or clerk when I receive good service.

One of my goals during this Thanksgiving month is to go beyond the simple thank you and offer a more intentional, thoughtful response.

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