Editor’s Letter

April 2016 - Editor's Letter
by Lori Hatcher

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April 2016 - Editor's Letter

My heart sinks every time I drive down Trenholm Road. And Burwell Lane. And Rockbridge Road. And Jackson Boulevard. And Shady Lane.

Acres of mud dotted with tree stumps take the place of glistening lakes. The white egret that fished near the shore off Rockbridge Road no longer guards his corner like a morning sentinel. Gaping lots still littered with flood debris sit empty. Other homes, their bottom floors stripped of everything but the two by fours, look like fine ladies with their skirts hiked high crossing a muddy street.

A 75-year-old woman sits in my dental chair and tells me how she watched everything she owned, including her family photos, her grandmother’s antique dresser, and her collection of 50-year-old love letters drown in the deluge. “We escaped with the clothes on our backs,” she says, tears filling her eyes. “I didn’t even have a toothbrush.”

Seven months after the historic 1,000-year flood, Columbia is only beginning to heal. Children still turn fearful eyes toward their parents every time it rains. Families continue to wrangle with insurance companies, FEMA, and the bank. Go? Stay? Rebuild? Teardown? Salvage or start over? I weave in an attempt to dodge potholes on I-77, expecting to be pulled over at any moment and questioned for drunk driving.

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