Editor’s Letter

May 2016 - Editor's Letter
by Lori Hatcher

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May 2016 - Editor's Letter

Strong women have always been part of my life.

My Portuguese immigrant grandmother taught me to be honest, laugh every day, and never underestimate the power of coffee and cake. My Southern grandmother taught me to love corn on the cob, grow cotton, and remain calm no matter what.

My Yankee mother taught me how to find great satisfaction in motherhood, believe in myself, and stay married when things get rough. My Southern mother-in-love taught me to enjoy tomato sandwiches, cook with fatback, and persevere despite profound loss.

I’ve had spiritual mentors, too. Lois, who took me under her Titus 2 wing and taught me to share my faith, care for others, and always respond with grace and dignity. Maryann, a young mother  two children and three faith years ahead of me, who showed me how to teach my daughters to read, share, and ask for forgiveness. And Lisa, a Connecticut Yankee, who modeled servant leadership and taught me to value theology, tradition, and fellowship around the table.

This is just my short list. I hope yours reads similarly. It begs the question, where would we be without strong women in our lives?

This Mother’s Day issue of Reach Out, Columbia is dedicated to the amazing women who have loved us, trained us, disciplined us, and prayed for us. The stories in this issue embody their spirit of servanthood and selflessness.

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