Editor’s Letter

June 2016 - Editor's Letter
by Lori Hatcher

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June 2016 - Editor's Letter

Ten years ago my husband and I discovered something terribly exciting—our daughters were finally old enough to stay home for an evening without burning the house down. Or killing themselves. Or each other.

Our friends were making similar discoveries. Like giddy sixteen-year-olds with new driver’s licenses, we began to visualize what this new era of freedom could mean for us. No more paying babysitters. Or canceling plans because we couldn’t afford dinner, a movie, and a babysitter. Opportunities to date our spouses. An occasional night out without the kids. Getting together with others without having to plan activities suitable for all ages. Uninterrupted after-dinner conversation.

I don’t remember who proposed the idea of a supper club, but before long we had four enthusiastic couples hungry for food, fellowship, and fun. Each month we’d rotate homes, with the hostess choosing the theme and providing the main dish. One month’s theme was Italian, the next was German. Soup and salad night preceded an all-American burger and apple pie evening.

We tried new recipes, shared old ones, and experimented with cuisine we’d never eaten or cooked before. Most dishes were home runs, but a few, like the rice pudding only my husband liked, struck out.

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