Editor’s Letter

December 2016 - Editor's Letter
by Lori Hatcher

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December 2016 - Editor's Letter

I wonder if I’m the only one who feels inadequate at Christmas?

First, there are the presents. I have friends who intuitively know how to find the perfect gift for everyone they love. I so envy them. Me, I feel so much pressure to find just the right gifts that I dread the start of the holiday season. I agonize, over-think, and second-guess my purchases, especially the ones for You Know Who, the one whose love language is Gift Giving. Oh, how I dread seeing the hopeful smile transformed into the fake, polite one, knowing that I’ve missed the mark again.

And then, if I manage to find a decent gift, I feel the pressure to wrap it just so. It’s not enough to have substance, there must also be presentation. I’m convinced that gift-wrapping should be added to the list of practical life skills on the exit exam for high school. If I happen to shop at the rare store that offers free gift-wrapping, I watch, transfixed as Scotch tape superheroes wield their super-sharp scissors and transform my boxes into visions of loveliness. My children will tell you how they always know which packages are from Mom. Each has an extra little square of wrapping paper taped to the bottom to cover the place where the paper doesn’t meet in the middle.

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