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October 2017 - Editor
by Lori Hatcher

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October 2017 - Editor

Unlike other publications, Reach Out, Columbia doesn’t work from a formal theme list. We don’t decide in advance what each issue should focus on. Six years ago, when ROC’s beloved second editor, Sue Duffy, passed on the editorial baton, she explained it this way: “We trust God to bring the articles we need, when we need them. Somehow they always fit together.”

I’m naturally wired to plan and organize, so this approach has stretched me. It has also grown my faith. And made me pray—even more.

What I’ve discovered is that Sue, and our publisher, Sandra Byrd, were absolutely right. God does bring just the articles we need, when we need them. And he fits them together beautifully. Every time.

Sometimes I don’t realize this until I sit down to write my editor’s letter for the month. By this time I’ve read the articles four or five times, edited them, polished them, and prayed over them. Like beloved children, I’ve smoothed a wayward curl with a lick of my finger or nudged a slouching spine into perfect posture. I want to do everything I can to help each writer and each article put their best face forward.

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