Editor’s Letter

November 2017 - Editor's Letter
by Lori Hatcher

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November 2017 - Editor's Letter

For 30 years my family has lived in the shadow of one of the largest military training bases in the country, Fort Jackson, in Columbia. I’ve attended church with, lived beside, and educated my children with those who serve in the United States Army. I’ve formed deep friendships with women whose husbands have served in Desert Storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan. But it wasn’t until my daughter married a United States Naval officer that I truly began to understand the deep sacrifices these men, women, and families make on behalf of our country.

How would you feel if you kissed your spouse goodbye and knew you wouldn’t see him or her for six, nine, or twelve months? During that time your baby will learn to walk, your 5-year-old will complete his entire kindergarten year, and your teenage son will learn to drive—without you. Deployed members of the military sometimes miss their babies’ births, children’s graduations, and best friends’ funerals.

Depending on their assignment and job description, some members of the military are separated from their families for anywhere from three to twelve months at a time.

And while technology like email, texting, Skype, and Face Time helps them stay connected, communication is often spotty or non-existent. Internet outages or limitations mean no email or Facebook messages.

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