Editor’s Letter

March 2018 - Editor's Letter
by Lori Hatcher

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March 2018 - Editor's Letter

One of the greatest blessings my church has enjoyed this year has been the pleasure of getting to know Thom and Tracy Spittle and their two sons, Jonathan and Nick. When you visit a small church like ours, it’s hard to sneak in unnoticed.

My pastor/husband and I spotted this family right away. Thom’s firm handshake and Tracy’s broad smile let us know from the start that we’d be fast friends.

Since that first meeting we’ve worshiped, served, and laughed quite a bit. We’ve handed out hot dogs and bottled water at our church’s Fall Festival, swapped recipes at our monthly potluck dinners, and studied God’s Word together. Thom sings, and Tracy is patiently teaching me how to use my Instant Pot.

I often forget that Thom and Tracy are blind. Especially when Thom points out that I’ve missed the turn to their house (again) or warns me about an approaching pot hole in the road just before I hit it.

At Bible study one night, Tracy let it slip that she’d won a few writing contests. “Would you be interested in writing an article for Reach Out, Columbia?” I asked. “I’d love to publish an article on how churches can better meet the needs of the visually impaired.” Tracy agreed, and the result is our cover story, “Is the Church Turning a Blind Eye toward the Visually Impaired?”

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