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May 2018 - Editor
by Lori Hatcher

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May 2018 - Editor

When I, at the wise and insightful age of 13, listed the things I wanted to become, being a mother was not on the list. I had aspirations to become the first woman president, an award-winning writer, and rich.

By age 18, my goals had begun to shift. Although a run for the White House was still possible, the Constitution said I had to be 35-years-old to be elected. Since that was a long way in the future, I concentrated on more immediate goals. I graduated from college, married, and settled into my profession. Motherhood was still nowhere in the picture. When friends around me began having children, I mentally looked the other way. I didn’t enjoy other people’s children, I reasoned, so I wouldn’t make a very good mother.

In God’s good providence, however, I married a man who said he wanted a dozen. He was patient and willing to wait until I was ready. That, I decided, would be never.

But as the Lord often does, he chipped away at my reluctance little by little. Before long I was holding newborns in the church nursery and finding it pleasant. I imagined what it might be like to have a family. The thought was still mildly alarming, but much less terrifying than before.

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