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June 2018 - Editor
by Lori Hatcher

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June 2018 - Editor

The longer I live this Christian life, the more I realize there are no solo players in the kingdom. We’re all part of a team. God reminded me of this one Sunday afternoon in late April. I’d been invited to be the speaker at a spring fashion show and fundraiser at Laura’s Tea Room in Ridgeway.

The afternoon was going well. Although the airwaves were filled with severe weather warnings, the storms had delayed their arrival until all 67 ladies had arrived at the tea room in their Sunday best and spring hats. We’d enjoyed strawberry soup, poppy seed scones, and the best chicken salad north of Blythewood. Dark clouds loomed off to the west, but most attendees gave little thought to the impending threat. We were having too much fun.

Finally, after the fashion show and lunch, it was my turn to take the mic. “Today you have two choices,” I began, “to grumble or to be grateful.” I had just launched into an animated story to set the stage for my talk when a gust of wind shook the trees, sending a barrage of hailstones crashing against the high glass windows. The lights went off, plunging the room into an eerie green semi-darkness. As if on cue, every phone in the room erupted.

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