Editor’s Letter

September 2018 - Editor's Letter
by Lori Hatcher

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September 2018 - Editor's Letter

When my daughter was expecting our first grandchild, the family decided that because I didn’t fit the typical grandmother profile, we needed to come up with a hip grandma name. “It’s got to be energetic and youthful, ‘cause you’re not the sit-in-a-rocking-chair-and knit kind of grandma,” they said. (No offense to you rocking chair knitting grandmas.)

Now a decision like this is HUGE. And far-reaching. Whatever name we chose would be mine for generations. As a child, I’d often wished I’d been allowed to select my name. I suspect I’d have chosen something much more extravagant than the humble, four-letter moniker my parents bestowed upon me. Now, at long last, I had my chance.

I knew my grandma name had to be pronounceable to little lips. And easy for preschoolers to spell. I could imagine it printed in awkward crayoned letters on artwork hanging on my refrigerator. It couldn’t be too Southern (I am half Yankee), but not too formal either. (We decided Grandmother required blue hair – not my current shade.) It had to be a name older children wouldn’t be embarrassed to call me in front of their friends, and common enough to find on t-shirts, coffee mugs, and key chains.

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