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December 2018 - Editor
by Lori Hatcher

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December 2018 - Editor

I wonder how many families have fought over Christmas?

For years I’d listen to friends describe knock-down-drag-out fights over which branch of the family they’d spend Christmas day with. I’ve commiserated with them, but I’ve never experienced the conflict. When our children were growing up, both sets of grandparents lived within 30 miles of us, and our siblings lived nearby. One side of the family opened gifts on Christmas Eve, the other on Christmas Day. We could attend both family gatherings AND wake up in our own beds on Christmas morning. How sweet is that?

So while I could imagine why parents would want to have all their children and grandchildren gathered around the Christmas tree, I didn’t truly understand the yearning. Until my oldest daughter moved away – halfway across the world.

That’s when I got it. For the first time, I felt the ache of the empty chair at the dinner table and the missing face in the family picture. I missed the hugs, camaraderie, and laughter of shared experiences and togetherness. I wished we could stumble over each other in the kitchen again and share a cup of tea before everyone else awakened. I finally knew what it was like to long for a family member who was far away.

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