F3: Invigorating Men to leadership

December 2013 - Callings
by Rob Buck (a.k.a Lois Lane)

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December 2013 - Callings

Jim Davis was leading a sedentary life until a college buddy died of a heart attack. “It hit me like a ton of bricks,” he says. “I couldn’t let something like that happen to my family.” He knew something had to change.

After repeated invitations from his neighbor, Mark Timbes, Davis decided to try F3, a new organization in Columbia. F3, which stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith, began in Charlotte, in 2006 when David Redding and Tim Whitmire felt inspired to “plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.” F3 runs on a simple set of core principles—free admission, an open invitation to all men, and a promise never to cancel a workout—rain or shine, heat
or cold.

Davis, 50, attended his first workout in January and was hooked. Since then he has lost 25 pounds, developed great friendships, become more disciplined, and been challenged to be a better man in every way. His experience is not unique. F3 is spurring men to positive change.

Although the workouts focus on fitness, the fellowship component is igniting tremendous growth across the country. It birthed a Columbia group in October 2012 when some of the Charlotte men, including Richard Marrow, reached out to men in Columbia.

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