Flooded with Hope

October 2016 - Cover Story
by Deena C. Bouknight

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October 2016 - Cover Story

In early August, Cynthia Pierce stood among the mountains of rubble that had once been her home. The piles of brick and boards were all that was left of the house where, for 27 years, she and her husband, Earl, had raised their children and welcomed their grandchildren.

White bricks mingled with caked mud and debris. Weeds grew in muck where a manicured lawn had once defined a yard. The remains of the post-flood house, a shell, sat elevated a few feet
on blocks.

The Pierces, like so many in Columbia this past year, tried desperately to save their Rickenbaker Road home after it was ravaged by the historic flood of October 2015. They tried and failed. All the ripping out, and drying out, and tearing off bricks still left an unstable structure. Later in August, the one-story home had to be torn down, and a new home, raised eight feet off the ground, is currently under construction.

But this is just part of the Pierces’ story. Though the flood brought turbulent waters, it also brought an opportunity for the Midlands couple to exercise their faith. As the water receded, it left behind much more than destruction and decay—it left behind a powerful testimony.

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