Forget perfect – Navigating a blended family, Christian style

May 2018 - Feature Article
by Jessica Brodie

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May 2018 - Feature Article

When I married my husband, my expectations were sky-high. I gained two bonus children in addition to my two biological, catapulting us into that strange and wildly misunderstood reality called a “blended family.”

While it’s a beautiful journey, one I wouldn’t trade for anything, it’s had rocky moments along the way – sometimes painful, sometimes magical, always far different from what I imagined at “I do.”

I cringe remembering the early me, thinking everything would be instantly perfect just because I imagined it so. I remember over-analyzing every encounter with my step kids, reasoning they “didn’t like me” if they preferred to cuddle with their dad, or how hard my husband struggled to figure out his role in established routines with my kids. I remember our shock when our boys clashed over tidiness or our girls, great pals before the wedding, began to bicker like fairy tale stepsisters.

But I’ve learned along the way that reality is far better than anything I could have imagined, and it all started when I stopped trying to control family dynamics and gave the reins to Jesus.

Today, our blended family embraces a new normal. Our four stair step kids – nine, ten, eleven, and twelve – fight like all siblings, then dissolve into giggles in a heap on the living room floor.

Why did Christ die for you?

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