From Back Wall to Silver Screen - Torry Martin

June 2017 - Feature Article
by Lori Hatcher

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June 2017 - Feature Article

It’s not often I meet movie stars, but when I do, I don’t find them leaning against the back wall of a crowded room making small talk with nobodies. Most movie stars surround themselves with cameras, microphones, and spotlights—and shiny people like themselves—movers and shakers in the film and television industry.

But not Torry Martin.

A prolific actor known for his roles in the Taylor Swift parody of The Office, Hallmark’s The Ultimate Legacy, and the feature films The Resurrection of Gavin Stone, The Matchbreaker, and Heaven Bound, Martin prefers the back of the room instead of the front. It’s where he’s spent most of his life—hanging out on the fringe, hoping people wouldn’t notice him.

Six-foot-one, red-haired, rotund, and socially awkward, Martin barely graduated from high school. One teacher, however, saw his potential. Despite his poor grades, she encouraged him to try writing. A twice-weekly journal assignment gave her glimpses into his heart. “I felt like I was hiding in plain sight, and she was the only one who saw me,” Martin remembers.

Like many shy, insecure people, Martin often employed humor to direct attention away from himself. He sharpened his skills by performing standup comedy in local bars during his freshman and sophomore years of college. His big break came when he auditioned and won the lead role in Columbia Artist’s musical comedy, Around the World in Eighty Days. He dropped out of school and never looked back.

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