From Mission Field to Missions Force

January 2018 - Cover Story
by Anna Wilson

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January 2018 - Cover Story

There’s a little village in western Zambia whose only roads are made of sand. Every morning Lemmy wheels himself through the sand and starts on a new road. He pushes his wheelchair from hut to hut and knocks on each door to speak with the families inside. He explains the gospel and asks to pray in every household.

He’s gone down almost every road in the village.

The village is called Mwandi, and in a small hut that sticks indignantly out of those plains of sand several men and women gather around a television. Lemmy wheels himself into this hut and begins to scribble down some notes on a wrinkled piece of paper. Another man, Bosco, nods his head in agreement with the speaker on the television and flips his Bible open to the book of Acts.

The man on the screen is speaking about the doggedness of the disciples as they evangelized and planted the first churches the world had ever seen. He explains that, like in the time of Peter, Paul, and Philip, there are still thousands of people who would be open to receiving Jesus as their Savior, but need someone to bring them the message of hope.

Why did Christ die for you?

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